Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I love bumJoy's!

I bought my son Logan 4 bumJoy's - red, blue, orange and grey and they are just amazing! The colors are so vibrant and the diapers fit great. The snaps are easy to get done up, even with a wiggly 11 month old. I would highly recommend these diapers, they are priced nicely! and what feels better than supporting a stay at home mom so she can stay home with her little one! I haven't used one overnight yet, but i have through a 2 hour nap, and everything went well, she gives you 2 inserts so you can double up!


  1. Thanks for your review, I have been contemplating buying more, I have one so far and like it but haven't been able to use it too much, maybe every 4th day since it's the only one I have in my rotation! I agree though, they are VERY well made and so cheap for the product you actually get!