Sunday, May 17, 2009

I've been tagged! :)

I was TAGGED by GemmaJoy!
So here are the rules...The tag is ALWAYS & NEVERS • list "5 fashion always-es"• {things you always like or cannot do without}• for you personally• conversely, list "5 fashion nevers"• {things you would not be caught dead in}• for you personally• then tag 3 bloggers
1. I always need to make sure my butt looks good in my pants!...i would never want to have a droopy bum!
2. I love jeans! and unless i'm at work, i always wear jeans!
3. Cute earings are a must! I don't wear much jewlery...well nothing but my wedding rings and earings, so i like to have cute ones!
4. Keep it simple! i like classics, i'm not much for all the trends...i could never pull off tights!
5. Less is more with the make-up...always natural!

1. Have a pany line showing! ahhhh!
2. I'm a mom, yes i know, but i vow to never wear the "mom" jeans!...yes i think we all know what they are!
3. Go braless...i just couldn't do it, seems very uncomfortable to me!
4. Wear clothes that are too tight or a size too small!
5. Have matching outfits with your significant other.

For my tags I have chosen: twostraycats , Dayzee Love and LoopDiLoops Baby Gear


  1. Love it. I agree with ur nevers especially matching outfits. I chringe when I see couples matching.

  2. how funny, after giving birth to my sixth child, i broke down and bought some fat jeans at the thrift store, they were so dog ugly I called them mom jeans, took a picture of my butt and did apost on it, but I have since started my blog over (and this was recent) and I hate bras