Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Review - TinyWiggles - Wash Mitts :)

We recieved our Tiny Wiggles ( http://tinywiggles.etsy.com/ ) (http://www.tinywiggles.com/) wash mitts in the mail a few weeks ago and have been trying them out! And let me say they are amazing! Super soft and cozy and make bath time a breeze!

Logan is always moving so i pop the mitt on and scrub him down, get under his arm pits and behind his ears! When he's a little older he can even wear the mitt and help me clean himself!

When we are all done, i hang it up next to Mommy and Daddys towels and throw it in the wash with the laundry on Mondays :) They wash super easy as well, which is a must for any mom, just throw them in with the other towels and then in the drier! They come out super fuffy :)

Wash mitts by Tiny Wiggles are such a great and usefull item to have! A very practical baby gift for any new mom!

Please check back for my Tiny Wiggles giveaway and you could win your own pair of wash mitts!


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